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Listed Building Advice

As many listed building owners will know the buildings themselves are protected from any demolition, partial demolition, alteration or extension that could affect the character of the building.

This protection applies to the entire building – and in many cases, the area around it. That includes all internal and external features, such as chimneys, roofs, external walls, internal walls, floors, ceilings, external doors, and – you guessed it – windows.

As a result, owners have to apply for listed building consent for almost all changes to the building – from roof replacements and re-rendering walls to the removal of internal features, like fireplaces or cupboards.

Whatever the work, your application needs to show how you intend to minimise the impact on the building’s character, by using the same materials, style and techniques wherever possible.

You might even need consent to paint the outside of your windows if you intend to change their colour. White windows can be repainted white, for example, but changing them to brown or green would drastically alter the character of the building.

On top of that, the vast majority of applications to have listed building windows replaced will be rejected anyway. Applications are more likely to be accepted when the changes will actually help preserve the building. We can provide single putty glazing, slimline heritage double glazing and when its not possible to replace the windows with either of these options (permission not granted), we can provide secondary glazing.

Secondary glazing when carefully designed and installed allows the original windows to be retained unaltered, and where necessary repaired, whilst reducing air leakage and conducted heat losses. As a result there is no loss of historic fabric and in most cases the installation is easily reversible.

Windows cannot be replaced without listed building consent.

Secondary Glazing - jobs completed below

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